Who Is Watts Media?

Our Passion:

We are passionate about telling stories that change lives.

Our Mission:

To build a network of marketing, media, and creative partnerships that allows startup founders to affordably iterate their marketing messages and tactics with the agility and speed they need to build Minimal Viable Products and test their leap of faith assumptions.

Our Focus:

Right Now: we are focused on educating business owners on how-to-do Basic Digital Marketing Tasks that create an impact on their overall online visibility. We are also focused on telling stories about SMB founders and their marketing successes. Lastly, we are focused on building the Ignite Reputation Management and Amp Advertising branches of our Agency.

In The Past: We placed a lot of focus on building the Pulse Branding and Creative branch of our Agency. We now have a science-backed system for brand development with pricing options to fit anyone’s situation. We also started creating real estate VR Tours, Drone Tour, Video Tours, and HDR Photography. Lastly, have systematized our web design, web development, and social media management efforts.

Our Content:

We are starting a Blog and Vlog series completely focused on step-by-step guides to Basic Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, and Creating Alexa Skills. You Can Sign Up For Our Guide Releases Here.

We are starting a Vlog and Alexa Skill series that is focused on telling the stories of startup and small business founders with a primary focus on the marketing tactics and campaigns they have found successful. If you are a startup or small business owner and want free content (e.g., professional business highlight video, podcast segment, Alexa Voice segment) and if you’ve found success with marketing, We Invite You To Join Us For Coffee, Tea, or Lunch.

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7215 Brentford Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

(719) 695-0714

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Watts Media is a digital marketing agency and programmatic advertising company in Colorado Springs that provides programmatic media buying as a service. We believe in data-driven marketing and building omnichannel strategies that drive revenue by helping customers through the entire buying journey. In order to drive leads and new business for our clients, we deploy data-driven marketing systems that use data analytics and focus on Web Optimization, CRM Development, SEO, Social Media, and Voice Search Optimization. Device Canvassing is our big data and advertising technology suite that uses data management platforms, demand side platforms and other cutting edge technology to build high-performance advertising campaigns. Recently we have brought on the ability to buy connected TV and Spotify ads as part of your programmatic media buys. Contact us today to learn more

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Saturday Closed. Sunday Closed.