Digital Marketing and Advertising

The Amp™ Package Options are all about growing your business’s reach through paid channels that reach people both Out-of-Home and In Their Home. Partnering with Watts Media’s Team means you will have innovative Digital Marketers from Colorado Springs and Pueblo to consult on a weekly basis. We will help you granularly target High-Value Accounts to drastically boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by helping you #CuttheCookies.

Do You Want To Amp™ Your Brand And Increase Awareness?

Device Canvassing

Provide a list of names, addresses, and zip codes of your existing clients, and we will serve display banner and video ads on all of the major websites they visit daily.

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Named Target Marketing

A new way to reach decision-makers using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This allows you to deliver ads to the exact individuals at the exact companies you choose. Perfect for B2B!

Social Media Marketing

The best way to create a brand and grow its influence and followers is by activating your networks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, Snapchat and Pinterest. Depending on your industry, we will explore other social media options too.

Search Engine Marketing

One of the top intent-minded forms of internet marketing that can get you in front of prospects while they are searching for your products or services.

Spotify Ads

Spotify has claimed 41% share of the Unites States streaming market and has grown subscribers 46% year-on-year making them the fastest growing replacement of radio, providing a more intimate and behavioral-based experience.

Account-Based Marketing

A flip the funnel approach in which we identify best-fit accounts with large revenue potential and serve personalized messaging to decision-makers in the accounts.

One-to-One Marketing

Using your customer relationship management (CRM) data, we can segment, activate, and measure your brand’s reach to high value clients with tailored messaging.

Display Advertising

We know strong visual messages cut through the clutter and that is why we serve your display ads on the top websites and apps using aesthetic banners and videos that tell a sticky story. #CuttheCookies


This works by using the prospects interests, history, and behaviors to send personalized advertisements which aim to drive them back to the product pages they’ve shown interest in through engagement.

Sales Funnel Development

We understand startups and small businesses are searching for repeatable and scalable business models and that this requires engineering a multi-leveled sales process that leverages all channels.


At the end of the day, we all want to know how much more money we made due to our efforts and that is why we provide matchback analysis and analytic reports that feature Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Native Advertising

Sometimes we need to drive attention to articles or videos that promote your product by aligning the message alongside a trustworthy and related article.

Partnership Marketing

Building a relationship between your community and your brand is crucial to word of mouth and that is why we help align clients with the events and organizations that create a symbiotic relationship.

Traditional Media

Billboard, street furniture, transit, print, radio, television, and direct mail all have a product market fit for some organizations and we will provide this when it makes sense for the individual client’s needs.

Cookie-Based Marketing

There are a lot of ways we can use cookies to track user behavior and personalize messaging to the individual, but this technology is slowly taking a back seat to technology that combats ad fraud.


Other / Grab Bag

We are always open-minded to the possibilities of other advertising methods to better spread your message.


Based off of numbers from a Comcast study in 2012, fraudulent traffic from usual digital advertising methods is often between 81%-88%. With Device Canvassing, you can COMPLETELY AVOID fraudulent traffic due to bots. This is only one advantage of the hyper-targeting abilities of this product.

We have partnered with some of Colorado Springs and Pueblo’s most innovative Digital Marketing and Advertising talent to ensure our network is full of hungry specialists. Together, we build next-generation business listings using a combination of Virtual Reality Tours, Device Canvassing, and Local SEO to Amp™ and Ignite™ your businesses visibility online.

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Our Process

1. Explore & Collaborate

Learning about your business helps us understand your current marketing initiatives and how we can help you increase your team’s capabilities without taking anything away from your strengths. We want to collaborate with everyone who makes impactful decisions for your company early so we can build consensus around our main goal and the Key Performance Indicators tracking our way to victory.

2. Build. Measure. Learn.

Once you decide to join the Watts Media Team, we will start the building process and begin customer validation testing early in the process with Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). Essentially, these are basic campaigns, sales funnels, and applications that help you market your product or services right out of the gate so we can learn what customers want and how they want to receive it. By measuring outcomes with innovation accounts, we will be able to learn valuable insights that help us refine the end product.

3. Launch & Optimize

Once we have gained enough traction within your close network of Friends, Families, and Fools, we will be prepared to launch your product and service offering to a larger audience by leveraging an integrated, multi-channel approach. We know every business has to find customers in their own unique way and believe the acquisition methodologies we discover in the “Build, Measure, Learn” phase will provide a solid platform to increase the market size you serve.

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