Device Canvassing

Device Canvassing allows businesses to expand their advertising reach by giving them access to programmatic advertising that serves display banner and video ads to every device within a certain location. By uniquely combining Account Based Marketing Strategy with Offline Data, Geo Framing,  and a Patented IP Targeting Algorithm, we can serve digital ads on any website someone in your account visits on any of their devices, no matter their location. Welcome to a new league of advertising.

True 1-to-1 Marketing

In the past, the only way to guarantee your message was delivered with accuracy was to knock on their door, give your elevator pitch, and hope they would give you the time of day.

Now you can deliver your elevator pitch to all of your current clients and their neighbors by placing display banner and video ads on the websites they visit every day.

We call this One-to-One Marketing because we focus on the individual rather than the mass audience – identifying people who are “in your market” and serving them Hyper-Personalized messages.

Device Canvassing with Watts Media will greatly enhance and, for some, replace traditional canvassing because you can deliver any message you want to anyone you want without having to fight ad fraud and no soliciting signs.

Keep the benefits of traditional canvassing, but upgrade your ROI!

Device Canvassing Arsenal

IP Targeting, Geo Framing, Programmatic Advertising


Venue Replay

Now you can capture the Device IDs of people who visit high-value locations up to 6 months in the past. 

Partnering with Watts Media will allow you to capture a potential consumer’s Device ID at events they attend, where they work, when they study, where they shop, and then serve ads to them after they leave the venue. 

Continuing to target them with digital banner ads at their home and across all of their devices allows you to #CuttheCookies and avoid paying the hefty Ad Fraud Tax we all have come to hate.


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Digital New Movers

There are three common categories home service businesses need to granularly target:

  1. Pre-Movers who have listed their house
  2. Escrow people who have sold their house but haven’t moved yet
  3. Post-Mover who have just moved in

Offered on a 6-month and 12-month subscription basis, you can select the Zip Codes, Cities, and/or State you want to target and then serve ads as people enter whichever living situation you prefer.

This is a new wave of Programmatic Advertising that allows you to get in front of the 450,000 people who move every week in the United States.

Working with Watts Media will give you an edge on the competition and put you top-of-mind before the other guys send their ineffective mailers and knock on cold doors. 


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It is no surprise that Out-of-Home Media Companies Must Reinvent Themselves. And if you are a company focusing on the traditional and overpriced real estate of billboards, street furniture, and transit, you are going to lose big. Even Digital Out-of-Home, a more cost-effective option, will soon be a bloated dinosaur that costs too much and has too little Return On Ad Spend (ROAS); our most valued metric.

Enter the future of advertising technology. Using Device Canvassing with Watts Media allows you to advertise to clients both Out-of-Home and In Their Home. We serve display banner and video ads to them while they visit websites on the go and on their couch watching Netflix; that’s right, cable and tv will soon be a thing of the past.

Set up a time to chat with us about how we can subsidize your underperforming Out-of-Home Advertising Campaigns.


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Captive Audience

Captivating Your Audience is a simple three step process:

  1. Identify Your Target Location (Convention, Trade Show, Hotel, University, Stadium, etc.)
  2. We will Geo-Frame the Location to get the IP Addresses and match them to the Device IDs in that location.
  3. Work with the Watts Media Team to set up your campaign with creative and launch!

Generate B2B and B2C clients by serving digital ads to the websites your prospects visit while they’re at the chosen venue and around town.

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Use Cases:

  • Conquesting a competitors business
  • Advertising a business to get the attention of decision makers
  • Grabbing the attention of tourists
  • Recruiting
  • Trade shows
  • Convention centers
  • Events on college campuses
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • The list goes on and on

Digital to Physical

It’s Retargeting with Direct Mail. Now you can send your website visitors a letter or promotional flyer straight to their physical address.

It is a simple three-step process:

  1. Pixel Your Website
  2. Set Business Rules: we will work with you to set rules based on site interaction to qualify and segment your audiences
  3. Match and Serve Media: The qualified audiences are sent direct mail to their home within 48 hours of interaction.

We are using digital breadcrumbs to help you granularly target prospects with the same methods you have successfully used in the past. It’s new school creating synergy with old school.

Yet another example of how we are helping you #CuttheCookies !


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Household Level IP Targeting

IP Targeting does not use cookies which means we are fighting ad fraud with a revolutionary product new to the digital advertising world.

The patented algorithm we use determines IP addresses based on physical addresses and then maps the Device IDs within that location to precisely serve digital ads to every device in the home at a 95% Confidence Interval.

This type of targeting allows advertisers to incorporate offline data like CRM data, customer databases, direct mail data, modeled data, and registered voter lists to get more granular targeting than ever before.

Cut the Cookies by leveraging 100% cookie-free ad tech that allows you to connect with real people at an unparalleled accuracy.


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Case Studies

Non-Profits Using Device Canvassing

One sector experiencing major success with this new technology is the non-profit industry. Putting organizations in front of potential donors online consistently yielded impressive results in 2017. Read about it here.

Home Services Using Device Canvassing

A full-service HVAC and plumbing services organization had hundreds of appointment slots available within their last fiscal quarter after relying on direct mail, cold calling and emails. Device Canvassing filled all slots in 40 days.

Financial Services Using Device Canvassing

A credit union based out of Virginia has no problem keeping customers, but gaining them with direct mail and word of mouth wasn’t enough. Running a Device Canvassing campaign with a compelling offer increased loans by 24%

#CuttheCookies increase your ROAS

Device Canvassing

We Can Help Any Business Spending $$$ On Digital Advertising #CuttheCookies !