Named Target Marketing SM

A.I. for B2B Marketing

Are You Interested In Serving Video Ads To The Decision-Makers Who Are Qualified To Buy From You?

We can help you out with that!

Watts Media has built relationships with powerful Big Data and Artificial Intelligence firms who specialize in B2B decision maker targeting. We start by looking at the universe of companies that can buy from you and identify which job titles at those companies need to be engaged through the buying process.

From there, the A.I. tracks down names, email addresses, phone numbers, user IDs, device identifiers and other relevant information so that we can begin to name your targets. Once we are able to begin identifying those individual Decision-Makers, we will start to serve ads to them every time they go online through the ad networks you chose.

Most agencies are going onto Facebook or Google Ads and manually placing ads that are sent to people based on their demographics or online behavior and they have no way of filtering out all of the fraudulent bot traffic.

Now with Watts Media, you are able to tell Facebook, Google, and other ad networks to show your video ads to the exact Decision-Makers you chose, allowing you to bypass the gatekeepers and speak directly to the right people, through video, as often as you want.


Watts Media Ltd. is a high tech marketing, branding, and advertising agency. If you’re ready to launch a Named Target Marketing campaign, contact us below:

Next Generation Ad Tech

Watts Media has big ambitions and only works with the most cutting-edge players in the advertising technology space. We are disappointed in the traditional “stimulus media” advertising agencies that overcharge their clients every day and don’t provide measurable outcomes that improve sales. Below you will find three examples of how Named Target Marketing is allowing us to provide the level of service every client deserves from their agency partners:

Person-Level Ad Tracking

In the past, tracking ad performance through analytics was only available at the audience level and there was no way to differentiate bots from humans. Using the Named Target Marketing Platform allows you to track ad performance and deliver down to the named individuals in B2B campaigns. Has that prospect you’re about to call on been seeing your ads?

Now you can know!

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) means different things to different people. When most marketers talk about ABM, they will recommend delivering ads to all of the computers at a target account’s headquarters. With NTM, we allow you to target select individuals within that company and deliver ads to them no matter where they are. Whether it’s by name, title or role, we help you target the right executives that can buy from you.

Funnel Metrics

Marketing technology should never just be about targeting and ad delivery – it is about making your company’s phones ring. NTM is a unique approach to campaign performance analysis and Funnel Metrics to optimize number of calls. Identifying the exact Decision-Makers who can buy from you and then delivering ads wherever they go online is only the first step. Funnel Metrics help you ensure that every step of the process is working from ad targeting to phones ringing.

One-to-One Decision Maker Communication

Most B2B companies have limited success with online marketing and the reason is pretty simple. The audience of people who can actually buy from you is quite small. Most agencies will recommend casting a wide net that appears to be targeted when compared to traditional methodology. But the fact still remains you serve a certain industry and only companies in that industry are potential buyers. And at each of those companies, there are only a few key decision-makers with authority to buy from you.

Our expertise is identifying each of those individuals, by name, and getting your ads in front of them everywhere they go online. If you are in the busienss of selling to other businesses, no matter the industry, we can help you reach the decision makers that are qualified to buy from you.

Schedule a Call

Show. Not Tell.

They say seeing is believing. We show you exactly what Named-Target Marketing can do for you in three easy steps. It’s fast and it’s free.

1. Schedule a Call

Ask us your questions. Tel lus what decision-makers you need to reach.

2. Audience Build

No “theoretical” demos here. we build out an audience of the exact decision-makers you want to reach. No charge. No obligation.

3. Custom Demo

We’ll demo the platform for your team using the exact audience we built for you. See exactly how we’ll reach your decision-makers.
is this retargeting, demographic advertising, or look-alike audience advertising?
No. Retargeting advertises to people who’ve already been to your website. Demographic and look-alike audience advertising markets to a large group of people based on their “profile.” Named-Target marketing advertises to the exact named individuals that matter to you.
can it integrate with our existing systems (CRM, marketing automation, etc.)?
Almost certainly. Contact us for specifics.
is this only for video ads?
The system can be used for any type of online advertising, but we use video heavily. Once you have the ability to speak directly to your audience through video every time they go online, why rely on text or display ads and hope for a click?
How Is This Possible?
This level of targeting, down to named individuals, is only possible because of recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Give us a call and we’ll go into as much detail as you like; anywhere from the plain-English overview to a full geek-out with your most inquisitive technologists. We happily speak both languages!
Can I Really Speak To All The Decision-Makers I Want To?
We are generally able to reach 50-90% of any given group of individual professionals, depending on their accessibility metrics. Once we understand who you want to target, we will provide a complete accessibility analysis of your target group at no cost to you. This will tell you, in advance, how many of your decision-makers we can reach and how frequently we’ll be able to deliver your messages (often up to daily). Once your campaign begins, you will be able to see the engagement and accessibility level of each and every named individual you’re targeting.
How much does it cost?
Named-Target Marketing is available in a variety of forms to meet your budget. Costs vary depending on the size of the audience you need to reach and their relative accessibility.
How Do I Get Started?
Schedule a brief call with one of our specialists. We’ll answer your questions and quickly evaluate the accessibility of the audience you’re trying to reach.
Is This Available Outside of the U.S.?
Named-Target Marketing is currently only available in North America.
Can This Be Used In Consumer (B2C) Marketing?
Named-Target Marketing is generally not a good fit for consumer marketing, except high-ticket items in the ultra-high net worth market.
Are You A Data Broker?
No. We are not a data broker and neither are our technology partners. We use artificial intelligence and data intelligence technologies to gather the data we need to deliver ads to targeted decision-makers. We don’t sell lists.
Is This Available Elsewhere?
Named-Target Marketing is only available from authorized reseller agencies that work with the technologists, CEA Data Services. You won’t find this technology available anywhere else.
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