Social Media, SEO, & Content Development

The Ignite™ packages are all about producing great content and organically growing your business’s reach and impact in your local and virtual communities. Joining the Watts Media team means you will be working with some of Colorado Springs and Pueblo’s top Creative, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization talent.

Do You Want To Ignite™ Your Brand And Increase Your Reach?

Social Media

“Social Media is Gasoline and Content is Fire” ~ words we live by. The best way to Ignite your brand’s story is by publishing great content that brings the community great value for nothing in return.

Local SEO

We pride ourselves on getting local small businesses listed on Google for an amount they can afford. Our Local SEO System places an intentional focus on building reviews and online reputation.

Technical SEO

In order to compete in the saturated SEO space we first must ensure your site has the right architecture, speed, structured and meta data to communicate with the almighty search engines.

Voice Search

This is the future. A friction-less and endless repository of information that can be simply  engaged by saying “Okay, Google” or “Echo.” We will help you show up on voice searches and build skills that engage your community during valuable transition periods.


The nutrients of every successful SEO campaign are backlinks and public relations execution. We pride ourselves on working harder than our competition to develop high quality backlinks that drive you to the top of page one.

Reputation Management

At the core of every successful social media and SEO campaign is engaging those currently in your business’s community and organically growing your reach through their networks.

Content & Blogging

In this day and age the written word is still as powerful as it always has been and we believe nothing can beat well written copy whether it be for blogs, videos, podcasts or key notes.

Other / Grab Bag

We are always open-minded to the possibilities of new organic marketing sources. Especially when it comes to guerrilla marketing, these methods are often most effective.

Our Process

1. Explore & Collaborate

Learning about your organization’s Pulse (people, culture, values, and client base) helps us develop a social media style unique to your business that acts as the spark to your explosive growth. We like to explore your community development and engagement needs in a collaborative manner that gives everyone in your company a voice, making it important for decision makers to be at the table from day one.

2. Build. Measure. Learn.

Great content that always brings the end user value paired with the right technical skill and strong public relations is what organically gets people talking about you. We will talk with the people your brand reaches early on to learn what they want and then deliver on those pain points through the content we post and the channels we choose to leverage.

3. Launch & Optimize

Social Media and SEO campaigns take 6 to 18 months to produce juicy fruit and always provide the most amount of return for the least price when you play the long game. Iterating on insights we develop over 2-week sprints is crucial for refining our strategy and optimizing your conversions.

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Like Us On Facebook For A Chance To Win An Echo Dot

Explore & Collaborate

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